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Timex commemorates 167 years of existence with “Given for Generations”


A watch is so much more than an accessory from your wardrobe. It is a unique expression of your individuality and passion – your very own sense of style. We live in an age when smartphones are quietly questioning the relevance of watches, however, well-made classic timepieces shall never go out of fashion. In fact, one brand that remains strong in its appeal across generations is Timex. Through generations of watchmaking, the brand has made its name synonymous with iconic watch designs that could withstand anything.

Over 165 years ago, Timex entirely revolutionised the timekeeping industry by making use of brass gearing and modern assembly techniques, hence making sturdy, beautiful and well-built home clocks accessible to more than just the wealthy. After its legendary shift from the pocket to the wrist in the 20th century, Timex put its soul into combining traditional craftsmanship with leading technology. Their aim was to make durable, beautiful and solid watches available to everyone.

The Timex story began in 1854 in Waterbury Connecticut – a tale of American ingenuity and superior design – and continues to remain an iconic symbol of craftsmanship and confidence. At Timex, each timepiece has a story to tell, and each piece is different from the next and embraces the material’s organic lines, forms and shapes. For over 165 years Timex has managed to combine its indomitable legacy with consistent innovations, hence becoming the world’s favourite watchmaker.

Timex is a legacy; it is synonymous with transformation, bold statements, and beauty. Coming from a world where less than 1% of the population could afford to own a timepiece, Timex revolutionised the realm of horology when they introduced the $1 pocket watch in 1901. Soon after came the wearable wristwatch. This was the transformation the world was waiting for and Timex indeed became the brand that the masses wore. By the 1960s, almost a third of the watch sales in the US was clocked (pun intended) by Timex. The brand went on to take the world by storm within a few years. The Timex Marlin stood the highly televised torture test series. It’s named after a fish, implying its extreme durability under water and is known to become one of the most popular examples of how a Timex watch can take a licking and keep on ticking!

In the 1980s and 1990s the Timex line of sports watches brought to the common man functionalities that were hitherto deemed unaffordable. Through the 20th century, Timex became a global sensation. This archival timepiece showcases Timex’s usual attention to detail with dimensional floating hour markers that hover above the striking-red dial. Bringing together legendary durability with incredible designs and mechanical brilliance, the Q Timex and other quartz watches from Timex inspired a whole new generation.

The timelessness of the beautiful watches from Timex is the secret to its appeal. Timex was loved a century ago and it continues to remain the pick of millennials. The latest digital watches and Timex smartwatches are a hit with the modern generation that loves the amalgamation of functionalities with style. A Timex timepiece is an heirloom that can represent significant milestones in one’s life or can be the choicest of gifts to a loved one.

This enduring love of Timex is precisely what their new Given For Generations campaign highlights – a classic that has evolved with every generation’s sensibilities. Timex watches are made from some of the very best materials – the sturdiest steel, superlative quartz, and leather. Combine this with engineering brilliance, bold colours, and stylish design and you know why Timex has been the brand to give us top-of-the-line watches decade after decade for a century and half now. Be it a retro vibe mechanical movement watch, an uber cool automatic, or a hip and happening smartwatch – there’s a Timex for everybody.

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