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Exclusive: Hina Khan on self-confidence, Cannes, and why Priyanka Chopra is her idol.


Hina Khan is currently in Budapest where she appears to be taking a much-needed vacation with her beau, Rocky Jaiswal but only a few days ago, the actress was walking the streets of Cannes in one stunning look after another. If social media is to be believed, the Indian showing at the Cannes red carpet this year was lacking when it came to fashion. The sole member from the country who served glamorous look after another was Hina Khan, says the Twitterati. Hina, of course, has an army of fans who follow her every move and ensure that her name is trending on Twitter and her pictures are viral on social media.

We got chatting with the actress about Cannes, her fashion idol and about all things style. Read on…

What sort of planning went into creating your looks for Cannes 2022?

Even though I was doing this the second time around, there was a lot of detailed planning that went into creating each look for Cannes. Every outfit, every piece of jewellery, every pair of shoes to be paired with each of the outfits, each hairstyle and basically every little aspect of each of these creations had to stand out! My amazing team ensured that whatever I was going to wear had a different touch to it. While I am very particular about my styling, I generally leave the nuances to my team. This time, too, I did the same and I have to credit them for the fabulous job they have done! Like I wanted it to be, every look was created to make an impact.

Which was your favourite look this year and why?

My team and I worked really hard on all the looks. I was involved in every aspect of the planning, right to the smallest detail. So, I will say that I loved them all. I got to wear the best of designers and couture pieces, I got to represent my country and people have been so supportive and just seeing all the love pouring in for my second experience at Cannes is humbling and a proud feeling.

Who is your fashion inspiration?

I have always maintained that the way Priyanka Chopra Jonas rocks red carpets and carries herself at any event, be it a personal or professional one is like nobody else. Her confidence is what I admire the most and I have always been vocal about it. And not just her being a style sensation, but the way she conducts her lifestyle is very admirable.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is comfort. It is wearing what suits my body type and what defines who I am as a person. I personally feel that style is not all about being stylish but in fact more about what you can carry off with confidence and mainly be yourself in what you wear.

Are you a maximalist or a minimalist when it comes to style?

It depends on my mood. If I am in the mood for something extravagant then I go all out with my outfits. If I am in the mood to keep it simple, I still ensure it’s a mix of comfort with a classy touch to it. Eventually, the outfit has to resonate with my personality and stand out.