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IPL 2024: RR vs KKR


RR wins over KKR by two wickets

With an undefeated 107 off 60 balls, Jos Buttler nearly single-handedly guided the Rajasthan Royals to a record-tying chase of 224 against the Kolkata Knight Riders. In the final over, Buttler overcame cramping to score the winning runs, and RR tied the record they had established the year before for the most successful run chase in the IPL. In the final over, the England captain began to cramp.

Although he smashed a six off the first ball, he was forced to give up runs off the next four balls, which meant that RR only needed three runs to win off the final two balls. Then, Buttler led RR to a record-tying chase by hobbling two runs off the second-to-last ball of the game and taking a single off the final ball.