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Gambhir indirectly dismisses Shastri’s theory on India’s World Cup batting order as a ‘completely pointless notion’.


Former Indian opening batsman Gautam Gambhir has rejected Ravi Shastri’s suggestion of incorporating three left-handed batsmen into India’s batting lineup for the upcoming Asia Cup and World Cup tournaments. Gambhir referred to the idea as “completely pointless” while discussing Tilak Varma’s potential inclusion. Although he didn’t explicitly name Shastri, it was Shastri who had proposed the idea of having three left-handers in the top seven positions before the Asia Cup squad selection.

Shastri had mentioned that three left-handers, including Ravindra Jadeja, should be part of the top seven positions. He cited Shikhar Dhawan’s injury in the previous edition of the ODI World Cup as an example of the lack of left-handed batsmen hurting India’s lineup.

Gambhir countered by asserting that a player’s batting hand isn’t as crucial as their form and performance, particularly when choosing squads for significant tournaments like the Asia Cup and World Cup. He emphasized the need to prioritize the quality and impact of a player over their handedness.

Gambhir also discussed the inclusion of Tilak Varma, emphasizing that Varma’s selection should be based on his current form and potential impact, rather than his left-handedness. He suggested that if Varma performs well in the Asia Cup, he could earn a spot in the World Cup squad.

Gambhir acknowledged that players like Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul, who are returning from injuries, need to score runs consistently to secure their places in the World Cup squad. He emphasized that form and impact are crucial factors in selecting the squad and that no player is guaranteed a spot solely based on reputation.

India has selected a 17-member squad for the Asia Cup, including players like Iyer, Rahul, Suryakumar Yadav, and Tilak Varma. Gambhir indicated that players like Suryakumar and Tilak could potentially take the places of Iyer and Rahul if they perform better and showcase good form.

In conclusion, Gambhir stressed that the World Cup squad should be formed based on the players’ current form, impact, and performance, rather than favoring big names or predetermined selections. He echoed Rohit Sharma’s sentiment that no player is assured of a spot, and players like Iyer and Rahul need to consistently score runs to solidify their positions.