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Sabyasachi on sari remarks


“I think, if you tell me that you do not know how to wear a sari, I would say shame on you. It’s a part of your culture, (you) need to stand up for it.” “Women and men are trying very hard to be something that they are not. Your clothing should be a part of who you are and connect you to your roots,” Sabyasachi  said while talking to the Indian students gathered in Cambridge.

Sabyasachi credited Indian women for keeping the sari alive, but declared that the “dhoti is dead”. Referring to his remarks, the designer said he had only expressed his “personal point of view”. The designer said he had often observed women confessing they do not know how to wear a sari “with a hint of pride”.

“My observation came from the fact that I often meet those who say it with a hint of pride on how they don’t know how to wear a sari and I find it very dismissive of our heritage. It’s a personal point of view.”

“You don’t need to live your culture all the time but you can merely acknowledge it and celebrate it,”