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Navratri 2018 colors of the day are here: Is your wadrobe ready yet with these colors?


In 2018, Navratri is celebrated between 10th to 18th October 2018. Navratri celebrations culminate on the Vijayadashami day which is on 19th October 2018.

Everything about Navratri is so colorful and so diverse. Each of the nine days of Navratri has a special significance about it. It corresponds to the different form of Ma Durga and praises the Supreme Energy in different ways.

The same color patterns in commonly followed for the night dress for dancing Dandiya and Garbha dances in the famous venues of Mumbai. These nine colors are fixed as per the tithis of the days corresponding to the nine days of Navratri. Its amazing to see how offices, local trains and housing socities during these nine days wear same coloured clothing and look so beautiful in unision. So is your wadrobe stocked with the latest, colorful and the brightest trends of this year.

Navratri Colors 2018
1 10th October 2018 Royal Blue
2 11th October 2018 Yellow
3 12th October 2018 Green
4 13th October 2018 Grey
5 14th October 2018 Orange
6 15th October 2018 White
7 16th October 2018 Red
8 17th October 2018 Sky Blue
9 18th October 2018 Pink