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The world now has a Museum of Selfies


Museum for selfie has been conceptualised and will open to the public in Los Angeles, in January 2018! The museum will actually hold art inspired by selfies, photo ops, and spaces created for people to take the perfect selfies for Instagram.

The co-founders of the museum wanted a space that can be used to think about the role selfies play in our lives. “We definitely want people to laugh or be surprised by the entire exhibit,” co-founder Tommy Honton was quoted as saying by Mashable. “So we have the visual humor where people walk up, and they engage with the space. And we’re hoping they laugh, or they’re surprised, or are amused, and that they can’t help but want to take a picture with it.”

The relationship between people and art has changed,” co-founder Tair Mamedov was quoted as saying. “Now people don’t want to just be a silent consumer, they want to be a part of the art. There are many more selfies with the Mona Lisa than actual Mona Lisas.”