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PALAK MUCHHAL: Talent should not be restricted by age


Palak, 25, said she started her career as a singer at a young age and has no regrets about it.

Palak Muchhal, who will be seen as one of the coaches on reality show The Voice India Kids, believes talent should not be restricted by age.

“Even I started singing when I was young, I received training from the experts at a young age. It was a golden opportunity for me. Talent should not be bound by any age bar or limit,” Palak said.

“We do not put pressure on the kids. We make sure they are happy. There’s an informal atmosphere on the show. The kids often come to my place, we go out. The shooting hours are not long. Their studies also receive due attention. I think if all these things are taken care of, reality shows prove to be a great opportunity for children,” added Palak.

“For me more than judging a kid, encouraging them is important. So even if a kid is an average singer, I would want her/him to leave the stage feeling motivated and encouraged. What matters to me is who has touched my heart with their voice. Sur (tune) and taal (beat) are secondary. There should be passion for singing and willingness to learn more. This is what I would look for in a contestant,” she further added.

“Our golden rule for the show is that no kid should leave without a smile on their face. The kid should have a beautiful memory of the show even if they are not selected. We spend more time with those kids who are not selected, to motivate them and tell them to try more hard again next time and not give up,”