Home Entertainment Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is in Mumbai

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is in Mumbai


Nigella announced across all her social media platforms that she is in Mumbai. Her tour started off at the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and she admitted that this is her “first time in this incredible city.”

Nigella took the Dawn Tour of Mumbai (yes, you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get a glimpse of the markets and hustle-bustle of the city), and the first thing she indulged in after the tour was, of course, vada pav. “Best thing I’ve eaten in 2017: the vada pav at Ladoo Samrat”! She even went on to explain just what vada pavs are, and what else she tried at Ladoo Samrat: “Vada pav are unfeasibly light spiced potato patties, fried crisp in gram flour batter, to be squished into soft bread rolls. Also eaten here, to great delight: poha, flattened rice, thali peeth, multigrain fried bread, and Sabudana khichdi, which is sago.”

. “More of the joys of Mumbai street food: pav bhaji from Sardar; think of it as a vegetarian sloppy joe. They’re famous at Sardar for the amount of butter they use. And you can see why. And that doesn’t indicate the amount they add while cooking this intense, tomatoey potato and vegetable mush. And most marvellous mush it is,” she described in her Instagram post.