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What is revenge bedtime procrastination?


Let’s say your day was hectic with work, errands, tasks, and obligations. It’s late at night by the time you have everything done, and you can now spend some time by yourself. It might seem like the day has passed you by before you had a chance to rest, decompress, or engage in activities you like. Here’s when the procrastinating at bedtime for revenge comes in handy.

You choose to put off going to bed at a decent hour in order to make sure you receive adequate sleep for the following day. You “get back” at the day that has taken up so much of your time, not because you have to. It resembles a tiny act of defiance against your schedule’s demands.

You may spend this time reading, watching TV, doing your hobbies, or browsing social media, or doing other pleasurable or soothing things. It allows you to recover some private time and engage in leisure pursuits without feeling pressed for time or harried.

This conduct, though, may have repercussions. Chronic sleep deprivation can result from regularly forgoing sleep for recreational activities, which can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health as well as your ability to think clearly. It can eventually lead to higher levels of stress, exhaustion, mood swings, and lower levels of productivity.

Retaliation bedtime procrastination is essentially a coping strategy for taking back control of your schedule and giving priority to your own needs and wants, but in order to preserve general health and wellbeing, it’s critical to find a balance between leisure and relaxation.