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Exploring David Beckham’s Dive into Desi Cuisine: From Paneer Tikka to Dahi Chaat


Exploring David Beckham’s Desi Culinary Journey: From Paneer Tikka to Dahi Chaat

During his current visit to India, David Beckham has been capturing the attention of the internet with glimpses into his experiences, from watching the World Cup semi-final live in Mumbai to mingling with Bollywood stars at Sonam Kapoor’s party. Among his recent updates, Beckham treated his Instagram followers to a visual feast of delectable Indian cuisine.

One picture showcased a quintessential Indian thali filled with a variety of dishes, including palak saag, dry aloo preparation, and what appeared to be paneer makhani, accompanied by makki ki roti and ghee-loaded tandoori roti/kulcha. The caption exclaimed, “Wow, I love India!”

In a close-up of his savory feast, Beckham displayed paneer tikka and chicken malai tikka, complemented by biryani and dal gosht. The indulgence didn’t stop there, as Beckham delved into the world of chaat, savoring a dahi delight adorned with sev, pomegranate seeds, and green chutney. His caption, “So good,” with extra emphasis on the “o’s,” conveyed his newfound love for the dish.

To conclude his culinary journey, Beckham enjoyed a regal dessert adorned with shaved almonds, likely the winter favorite from Delhi, Daulat Ki Chaat, based on the visible notes at the side of the bowl.

As Beckham continues to explore India, we eagerly anticipate more delightful discoveries in the realm of Indian cuisine before his return home!