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Why do MPs take oath after winning elections?


Legitimacy and Authority: Taking the oath is a formal step that grants MPs the legal authority to assume their roles and responsibilities. It marks their official entry into Parliament and signifies that they are duly elected representatives of the people.

Constitutional Requirement: In many countries, the constitution or parliamentary rules mandate that elected officials take an oath before they can participate in legislative activities. This ensures that all members are committed to upholding the laws and principles of the state.

Allegiance and Loyalty: The oath often includes a pledge of allegiance to the country, the constitution, or the head of state. This is a symbolic act demonstrating the MP’s loyalty and commitment to serving the nation and its citizens.

Ethical Conduct: The oath typically includes a promise to perform duties faithfully, honestly, and to the best of the MP’s abilities. This serves as a reminder of the ethical standards expected from public officials and their accountability to the electorate.

Public Trust: By taking the oath publicly, MPs reinforce the trust placed in them by the voters. It serves as a public declaration of their dedication to the role and their readiness to serve the community.