Home Entertainment Mrs Rreena Bhattacharya is Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022. 

Mrs Rreena Bhattacharya is Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022. 

Mrs Rreena Bhattacharya is Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022
Mrs Rreena Bhattacharya is Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022

What do you call someone who is Breathtakingly gorgeous, confident, elegant, poised, a caring wife and a doting mother. You call her – Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 winner – Rreena Bhattacharya. Juggling between being a homemaker and a beauty pageant winner is no mean task, but Rreena nailed it and how!

For Rreena, entering the coveted Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 contest and winning it was a celebration of womanhood and expressing to the world that women are capable of winning accolades if given the right platform and opportunities. Rreena highly regards Mrs Fabb as it is one of the only few beauty pageants in the country that provide such an extravagant platform to married women.

Mrs Rreena Bhattacharya is Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022

Rreena has had her uniqueness in modeling and has finished professional photoshoots for lots of designer brands. Despite being a longtime model and familiar with facing the camera, Rreena took super interest in mastering the nuances of the ramp and modeling all through her training and grooming sessions at Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022. Rreena attributes her triumphing to these training and grooming sessions and also mentions her mentors at Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 – Yash and Vaishali who are also the founder and co-founding father of Miss Fabb, Mrs Fabb and Mr Fabb.

Mrs Reena Bhattacharya – Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022

When asked about how she could flawlessly balance between being a mother, a spouse, a homemaker and a beauty queen, Rreena said that it is through sheer passion and determination. Rreena also mentions that she is blessed with an encouraging husband and a loving daughter which made it even less complicated to focus on triumphing the crown.

Her performance at the finale stage of Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 at Infiniti Mall with thousands of onlookers vowed all, including the jury. Rreena’s enigmatic presence on stage and her powerful persona backed by an astute answer in the QnA round made her an obvious choice as the title winner of Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022.

Reena Bhattacharya is Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022

The Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 jury members were renowned actress and model – Preeti Jangiani, popular singer – Raja Hasan, marketing director Royal Dental Clinics – Vidisha Sarawagi, movie and music video producer – Krranti Shanbhag, Mrs Universe 2017 – Pinky Rajgarhia  and well known television actress – Krutika Desai .

When Mrs Rreena Bhattacharya read about the auditions of Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022, she promptly enrolled for the auditions. Even at the auditions Rreena impressed the jury members with her lofty achievements and her supremely confident personality, yet a peaceful demeanor. It is right from the audition that Mrs Rreena Bhattacharya set her eyes on the crown and decided to win it.

An elated Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 Rreena Bhattacharya now says that she wants to create awareness in the field of women empowerment through this title. She believes in strong values and principles that she even instills in her daughter. It is these deep rooted values that led her to make an indelible mark and attain this recognition of Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 winner.  Rreena Bhattacharya is a strong advocate of women’s economic, social and educational empowerment and she plans to use the title of Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 to fulfill these causes. 

An epitome of womanhood is how we would describe this proud Mrs Fabb Mumbai 2022 winner – Rreena Bhattacharya.